In my twenties I pursued screen writing as a career, but never quite made it. I met my beautiful wife during this period and we decided to have a family. I had no choice, but to be responsible and put their needs ahead of mine. We now have three very happy children and a basset hound.

The bug to write never quite left me, so at the ripe old age of 48, I produced my first novel, "Status The Game. " I wrote it just to prove that I could. Status garnered excellent reviews and did very well in contests. These small successes made me think maybe  I had a shot at something more. 

I wrote my second novel at the age of 49, called 33 Degrees. I submitted the manuscript to Kindle Scout where I competed against other authors for a contract. 33 Degrees was selected as a Kindle Scout Winner and in doing so I achieved my 25+ year dream to become a published author!

Besides writing, I love bassett hounds, gaming, fishing, soccer and weightlifting.