The Degrees Series

33 Degrees takes place in a post apocalyptic  and frozen world where the US has collapsed due to a new ice age which has taken over the climate. The characters live underground surviving the harsh terrain. A battle between the North and the South relives American history and the South comes up victorious. They force the northern remnant  to live in slavery on this already hellish earth.

  • Interesting Facts

    • Trains - Yes, there is a train, but not because of other dystopians. I rode the VRE (Virginia Railway Express) 2 hours each way and made a study of the habits of the riders. I embellished greatly of course, but I used my experience as a commuter to build this into the story.

    • The impetus for the character Miesha was derived from the UFC showdown between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. I loved the high road that Tate took and used that as a backdrop for the strong woman role in 33.​


If you like dystopian different check out this series as our heroes search for the sun and try to make sense of the mistakes society left them with. This series has a little something for everyone. Search for love, independence and parental guidance. 

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33 Degrees

YA/Dystopian/Climate Fiction written in the 1st Person

Eighteen-year-old Javin has grown accustomed to death. Only the strong survive in a world burdened by an unending ice age, where food and fuel for heat are scarce. There is one resource for survival: a train that people kill to board. Javin doesn’t fear death. He has nothing to lose—none of the worthless do. They are slaves to the South, less than animals. So Javin’s determined to take a guard down with him—then his own death will be fair trade...

But whispers of a new hope are stirring: they say the sun waits behind the Southern wall. The rumors are surely more lies concocted by the South, nothing more. The last thing Javin needs is hope… until he meets others like him, others who were left for dead by their parents, others who make him feel compassion, love, and joy. Yet feeling is dangerous, for with caring comes responsibility. Now the worthless are looking to Javin for salvation and as much as his heart longs to, how can he possibly be their hero when he can't even save himself?

33 Degrees will chill you to the bone in this suspenseful novel by Vincent Robert Annunziato.

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