Sister Hope

A hitchhiker, a nun and one really long road. Existing on scraps I found in local garbage bins, I never knew where my next meal would come from. I moved from town to town searching for something that I couldn’t find. I braved the elements and survived day to day. Barely. As fate would have it, I tripped over this crazy old lady sitting on the side of Interstate twenty. Just when I thought life had had enough of me, I found hope.


If you like laughing, crying and hoping again then this story is for you!

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"Sister Hope, is a breath of fresh air on a cold January night. It’s achingly sweet, but not cloying or saccharine, a balmy little number about nothing more than a drifter, a nun and a folding chair."  - Author RE Carr 

Sci Fi


iHuman is a twilight zone thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. 

Inspired by the hit series, "Humans" and the movie "Ex Machina" this short story pits man against machine. Special Ops is called in to infiltrate a small town before the menace becomes a danger to humanity.


Check out this riveting new short!

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