The Status Series

Book 1 - Status the Game was originally inspired by the classic novel, "Lord of the Flies." I ventured out on the same literary experiment as Flies, but based this series on the social media pardigm we live today. Status was equally influenced by somewhat campy, but provocative 1970's television film, called "The Wave." Based on a true story, teenagers were given an education they will never forget on Nazi Germany. 

Book 2 - Status Rises takes on a different challenge and as the upgrade is released into the public, I hope readers will see the influences of the documentary "Life 2.0" and "Kick Ass" the movie (I and II). If you enjoyed the cliff hangar ending in the first Status then, please check out my upcoming release Status Rises!

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The game too deadly to stop playing returns with a new skin and promises to transform anyone who plays into a personalized superhero. Gamers play on-line and in the streets as themselves seeking Status Points to become the most powerful superhero in the world.

Status Rises

Life has changed for Bob Brookes. He is a husband and a soon to be father. Status nearly ruined him just a year ago, but now that the internet sensation has been shut down, every day is predictable, steady and slightly boring. Picking up the pieces, Bob tries desperately to fulfill his role as a father and husband.

Status hasn't died, though, and it could certainly care less for Bob’s dilemma. ​As the new version comes on line, odd things start taking place. A false question appears on his classroom quiz that he didn’t write in. A close friend from Status becomes a victim of a vicious attack. And then the old insignia from last year’s enemy pops up all over town. Whether a victim of some vicious prank or a pawn in a web of deceit, Bob is left with no choice. If he wants to find out who is behind these things, he'll have to play. If he sits on the sidelines then his life, his wife's life and his child's may all be in jeopardy.

He can't do it alone and he'll need his old team back to help. The only issue is whether they are willing. Have the dead returned to haunt him? Is this some school prank? Or, could it be he's just too sensitive? Only one way to find out.

​​Join Bob and his Madison High students as they play Status once again to save their own skins and unravel the mystery behind who is drawing them back in.

* * *

Status Rises blurs the lines between fantasy and reality in this modern day epic novel by Vincent Robert Annunziato.

Status Rises is a thrilling ride that takes the concepts brought to life in the first book, Status the Game, and gives them a new life. Book two is much faster paced, overflowing with action, and includes a few surprises that are sure to get you. With the current trend of social media integrating itself more and more into our lives, the terrifying ideas in this book aren’t that far-fetched.

Jennifer Long

Book 2 in the Status Series

YA Contemporary Fiction written in 3rd Person​

Rated PG 13

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Status The Game


The Game Too Dangerous To Stop Playing!

If you enjoy suspense, thrilling action and high stakes drama, then you will enjoy reading "Status The Game!" Author Vincent Robert Annunziato seamlessly guides readers through a landscape where virtual reality trumps real life and popularity is the only thing worth living for.

Bob Brooks is down on his luck. He ekes out a living as a substitute teacher and grabs odd jobs to make ends meet. Life goes from bad to worse until Bob reads about a new internet game called Status. The internet sensation promises money, prizes and popularity to players who succeed. Bob marvels at the prospects and perfects a plan. Every student will help him gain points and popularity. All he has to do is use the game as part of his class.

With a never-ending supply of incoming, naïve teenagers, (nerds, geeks, cheerleaders and football players) it's a perfect plan. And Madison High is the perfect school. Affluent, hi-tech and filled with students who have money and more importantly time. Even better? The Principal thinks he's cute and wants Bob to use Status as the platform for his class.


Unfortunately for Bob, great plans aren't always so great. Especially once he learns his students are already playing Status and they are better at it than him.

Everyone is suspect in this thrilling adventure of social battles that pits brains versus brawn and haves versus have nots. Find out who wins! Oh and by the way, obtaining enough status might just make you the next big star of the internet. With fame and fortune just a rumor away, who wouldn't want to play... "Status?"

Stay Strong! Stay Loyal!

Book 1 in the Status Series

YA Contemporary Fiction​

Rated PG 13

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"Kudos to the author for creating an intricate and convincing virtual universe that mirrors the real world even though it promises a chance for redemption and prestige to those who are underdogs in real life. The more the players try to reinvent themselves in an alternative reality, the more like themselves they become - the ugliest, most vicious and grotesque versions of themselves."


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